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Next Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 21st September 2016, in Balloch Village Hall 


Latest Minutes

There is a need for ongoing vigilance regarding bogus workmen in the area. Residents who are concerned about a workman who has ‘cold called’ should tell them they will be contacting the Police and then do so using the 101 number or Crimestoppers. Take details of vehicles if possible.


Consultation: A96 Dualling – Inverness to Nairn

Deadline for Comments 14 March 2016

Are you aware that the “preferred option” for this has been announced? (see plans below)

A96 Dualling Plans

Are you aware that:

·      This route will run BETWEEN the current A96 and Barn Church Road?

·      The proposal is to have the the A96 RAISED up an embankment for this stretch and at the junction with Barn Church             Road at Upper Cullernie?

·      The result will be a substantially altered view, increased levels of vehicle noise and light intrusion from headlights

Balloch Community Council consider that, whilst it is unlikely the route will be changed, the original proposals (Oct 2014) to run the A96 through a cutting at this junction will be less intrusive both visually and regarding noise and light pollution.  It would also be preferable if the new road were not raised.  In addition there are 2 proposals for Milton of Culloden, of which Option 2  provides significantly better access.

BCC will be making representation to this effect, but direct feedback from residents will help to reinforce this.

Further details of the
proposals, including a feedback form are available at  

Please find below a link to the Police Scotland website for the area:

  • Balloch Play Park

    👫☀️ PLAY PARK UPDATE ☀️👫

    We have been busy with some final consultation on the play park plans. Following the Gala we took the options into the primary school and let the pupils choose their favourite design. We now have a very clear favourite. Next step is form filling and raising funds. Total required is around the £40,000 mark. We are taking a short break over the summer and plan to hold a meeting in August for anyone interested in joining us on our quest to create a playpark in Balloch. We will advertise the date through the school, website and the Facebook page. 

    Any ideas for fundraising, offers of help or local businesses that would like to contribute please let us know  at:

    We will update you when we have more progress. 

    See Balloch Play Park page for more information. 

Community Woodland
Following the felling of trees on the east side of the woodland, a working group has been meeting on a regular basis to begin to tidy up the woodland area. 

The Plan

The Community Council has approved a Woodland Management Plan for Balloch Community Woodland. The work will focus on removing some of the Sitka Spruce and other non-native species and improving the paths. This will allow more light to reach the forest floor and encourage wild flower growth. The work will be undertaken on behalf of the Community Council by Balloch Village Trust who will repair, resurface and realign the paths, providing a better environment for the individuals and groups who use the woodland. BVT will endeavour to keep the area beside the paths clear of nettles and brambles and also encourage dog owners to clear up after their pets.

For more information on Balloch Village Trust and how to become involved please visit

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