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Next Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 17th October 2018, in Balloch Village Hall 


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We are pleased to inform you that the Scottish Government has launched a public
consultation to explore electoral reforms which Scottish citizens may wish to
see taken forward in future.

The Scottish Government is committed to increasing participation
in elections both in terms of voter turnout and encouraging citizens to stand for
election. Democratic participation for all challenges the inequalities of power
and influence that exist in society, and an electoral system that supports and
empowers the engagement of the Scottish people in their own elections plays a
crucial role in this. The 2016-2017 Programme for Government included a
commitment to take forward a consultation exercise to find out what electoral
reforms Scottish citizens would like to see taken forward in future

We are keen to elicit views on a number of issues related to Local Government and
Scottish Parliament elections, including: how often these elections should be
held; who runs these and how they are run; who can register and vote; and who
may stand for election.

We would welcome your comments as part of our consultation exercise. The
consultation paper and online response system can be accessed using the
following link:

Please find below a link to the Police Scotland website for the area:

  • Dugless Wood

    No More Messing Around!

    In response to feedback about the amount of dog mess and the negative impact this has on schools and families visiting Culloden Wood, we recently fenced off a small area of woodland within Culloden Wood, and named it Dugless Wood. The hope is that this will remain a dog free area that school groups and families can use for outdoor learning and natural play, without the worry of standing in (or worse!) the deposits our 4-legged friends leave behind. 

    The trees have been thinned, log benches built, stump seats left around the site and fire pits put in, providing spaces for storytelling and circle time, or just relaxing with a picnic. There are lots of loose parts for building, balancing, jumping and climbing on and numerous opportunities for problem solving and adventurous, creative,imaginative play. There is no play equipment, just the endless possibilities nature has to offer.

    Dugless Wood is around 30 metres from the main Forestry Commission car park on Tower Road. Access is via gates at either end of the site, which will be kept unlocked at all times, unless there is a valid safety reason for locking them. There is a third gate for work access, which will be kept locked.

    We ask all dog walkers to please respect this as a dog free area – you have the rest of the wood to walk in. We would also like to remind dog owners that it is an offence to leave your dog’s mess in a public place. Please bag it and bin it – there is a bin at the entrance to the car park. Thank you.

    If you visit the site, we’d love some feedback on what you think, so please get in touch with us at the District Office on telephone:03000676100 or e-mail:

Community Woodland
Following the felling of trees on the east side of the woodland, a working group has been meeting on a regular basis to begin to tidy up the woodland area. 

The Plan

The Community Council has approved a Woodland Management Plan for Balloch Community Woodland. The work will focus on removing some of the Sitka Spruce and other non-native species and improving the paths. This will allow more light to reach the forest floor and encourage wild flower growth. The work will be undertaken on behalf of the Community Council by Balloch Village Trust who will repair, resurface and realign the paths, providing a better environment for the individuals and groups who use the woodland. BVT will endeavour to keep the area beside the paths clear of nettles and brambles and also encourage dog owners to clear up after their pets.

For more information on Balloch Village Trust and how to become involved please visit

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